about pepperland

PEPPERLAND from Gothenburg, Sweden, is the Beatles tribute band that has taken the Beatles world by storm.
Through their 30 visits to the annual International Beatleweek Festival in Liverpool, they have not only become inducted into the Beatleweek Hall of Fame, but also had time to be named "World's Best Beatles Interpreters" by none other than the Beatles' own producer, Sir George Martin.

The band was founded in 2005, as a fresh start based on three members from the previous band “Lenny Pane”.
Pepperland stand out because of their faithfulness to the original releases of The Beatles’ recordings. The goal is always for the band to sound as close to the original recordings as possible, but still always adding a touch of the band’s own sound, and of course, that live nerve. 

The band has no interest in the whole dressup/copycat/lookalike business; you won’t find any wigs on our heads...
Naturally, the band dresses in contemporary style, but...it stops there.

Anyone can put on wigs, fake eyeglasses etc. and look like The Beatles. Few bands can really play and sound like The Beatles!

The audience should know what they are getting. If the Beatles recorded with a symphony orchestra, Pepperland recreates this, either with a real orchestra or through the great technological opportunities available at this day and age. All so that the audience can recognize and appreciate the Beatles' music live to the fullest. We don’t use backtracks/prerecordings; we take great pride in playing and singing everything live. All five members of the band are skilled singers, musicians, and of course, Beatles lovers. Pepperland also take great pride in performing the whole variety of songs from The Beatles catalog; the smash hits, the early years, the unexpected, the obscure, the impossible...

Pepperland also takes great pleasure in storytelling, tales, fun facts, and interesting information surrounding the songs, The Beatles, the era, the recordings etc; all in an entertaining and interesting fashion. Furthermore, Pepperland love involving the audience, making the audience feel and be an active part of the music and the show!

Pepperland has in recent years performed no less than 46 (and still counting!) sold-out performances at Gothenburg City Theater, where they have taken the Beatles concept to a new level. Above all, they have given the generations who grew up with the Beatles an opportunity to be able to dream their way back to the 60s.

The latest success show is the concert performance “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”, where Pepperland tell the whole Beatles story - all from the early years down at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, via “Kaiserkeller” in Hamburg, to the final gig live on the roof of Apple Records' office in London and the classic picture of the crosswalk at Abbey Road. The whole show takes place inside the legendary Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios. 

Many from the audience have come back several times to, through laughter and tears, experience the greatest fairy tale in pop history. A fairy tale that not just about music, but just as much about how a youth generation manifested its presence in society. (For the shows at City Hall, Pepperland added two extra guest members: one musician and one actor).

Apart from the shows at City Hall, the concerts at International Beatleweek in Liverpool (playing at their magnificent Philharmonic Hall, legendary Cavern Club and other venues), three visits to Japan and many other projects and collaborations, Pepperland is first and foremost a classic live pop/rock band, playing typical live venues: from small, hot, crowded pubs via music festivals to theaters and large concert halls.